Transfer Trailer Product Details

  • The WAVE® Refuse Trailer was the first Extruded Wall Trailer built by Travis®.  The WAVE® Trailer is built with 6061-T6 Aluminum Extruded Panels that run Horizontal to the Trailer and are much stronger than Aluminum Sheet. 

  • The WAVE® Panels come in two sizes a 12” tall panel with 6 stiffeners and a 6” tall panel with 3 stiffeners to accommodate different side heights.

  • The WAVE® Panels are stacked and welded inside and out for maximum strength.  The horizontal panel stiffeners help limit the punctures inside the trailer because the trash rubs up against interior wall of the trailer parallel with  the stiffener and the stiffener stays in contact till the trash exits the trailer, limiting punctures.

  • The WAVE® Trailer uses the 6” tall .500” thick Extruded Top Rail, the same large front and rear posts as the other Trash Trailers in the Travis lineup.  The Rear Post has the Travis® exclusive Groove for the “Barbed” Rubber Seal.  The Barbed Seal is built in such a way that it is hard for trash to pull the seal out of the groove but it is easy to change when worn.

  • The WAVE® Live Floor uses the Travis® exclusive 6” tall Extruded Tubular Lower Rail that allows for the beefier than standard 5” tall “I” Beam Crossmembers on 12” center.

  • The WAVE Tipper uses the same 6” tall Extruded Tubular Lower Rail but the Tipper Trailer get the 7” wide 5.5” deep Trapezoid shaped Extruded Aluminum Crossmember for added strength and light weight.

  • The WAVE® Trailer has the same Paddle Latch Tailgate system that all the other Trash Trailers use.  The Latches are welded to a rod that allows the Latches to turn out of the way if hit by a Compactor in the Landfill, the Latches swing out of the way and are still usable to close the Tailgate.  The industry standard Latches would be bent and have to be heated and bent back to close the gate at the shop. 

  • All the rear facing Stop/Turn, Marker Lights and Tag Light are located in the Tailgate to protect the lights from trash exiting the trailer and the Mud Flaps are mounted to the Tailgate so that they don’t pull off when backing into the Landfill Pile.  The Mud Flaps swing around to the side of the trailer with the Tailgate and are protected the same as the Tail Lights.

  • The WAVE® Tipper Trailer is standard with the Top Hinge Air Tailgate with the tailgate control mounted on the Driver’s side of the Nose for easy access.

  • The WAVE® Refuse Trailer has the same Steel King Pin Plate bolted to the Crossmembers on the underside of the trailer and can be easily removed to replace the King Pin.  The “Grid” section that the King Pin Plate bolts to is made up of Heavy Duty Crossmembers larger and stronger to take the abuse that is exerted on the trailer.

  • The WAVE® Nose of the trailer is a Bull Nose design, make of .250 Aluminum Sheet welded and braced to withstand the demands of the Refuse Industry.

  • Heavy Duty Steel Sub Frame is standard on the Live Floor Trailers but an Aluminum Sub Frame can be specified.  The Aluminum Sub Frame is standard on the WAVE Tipper Trailer.

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