Tote Dump Trailers

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Travis® Tote Dumper Product Details

  • The Travis® Tote Dumper has been in production for years, serving the rendering and grease industries
  • Recently, the tote dumper has been servicing a new initiative for customers who are delivering food waste from their landfill waste stream to a composting facility.  The result is a reduction in waste costs and use of landfill space for the waste generator and beneficial organic compost by-products that benefit us all.
  • Travis® is partnering with waste management companies, environmental companies, and trucking companies to carry out this new initiative with our new lightweight, all-aluminum, self-loading and unloading trailer design
  • Smooth-side, dual-wall, all-aluminum body and full aluminum frame
  • All-aluminum bucket, with 4000 lb lifting capacity, dumps 18′ into trailer
  • Wireless remote to operate bucket
  • Bucket accepts an industry standard waste container
  • Large capacity, pressurized water tank and hose
  • All-aluminum tool box
  • Securement hooks for forklift and waste container
  • Electric flip tarp

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