Travis® Rendering Trailer Product Details

  • Travis® built the first Rendering Trailer about 1991 and we have been a major player in the Rendering Trailer business ever since.  The first trailers were the CLASSIC and as we added the Smooth Sided WAVE and VERTEX we have built rendering trailers in these models too.
  • Most of the Rendering Trailers are Frame Type Trailers with either Steel or Aluminum Frames with Hutch 4 spring suspensions and in later years more and more are going to Air Ride Suspensions but Travis offers a Frameless Rendering Trailer as well.
  • The standard Rendering Trailer is 35ft. to 42ft. in length, straight 96in. wide body and axles, 60in. tall sides for hauling both the meat products and in the case of Chickens and Turkeys the feathers too.
  • The rendering of Chickens and Turkeys require some special features such as Center Gate dividers to separate the birds from the feathers.  These Center Gates are either Manual opened and closed or Air Operated open and close for easier operation.
  • The standard Rendering Trailer often requires Ball Valves in the floor and sometimes in the Tailgate to remove the excess water from the trailer before transportation of the product. 
  • Travis installs Hinged and Drilled Cleaner Plates full length of the trailer to filter the product out of the Ball Valves to keep from plugging up the valve.  For Feather Trailers that hold a lot of water we offer in addition a Vertical Clean Out Plate over each valve that helps drain the water from the top of the Feathers.
  • The standard side height for Rendering Trailers is 60in. tall sides but the side height can be adjusted up to as high as the customer requires.
  • The Travis® exclusive “Barbed” Rubber Seal is standard on all Rendering Trailers and in conjunction with the Tailgate Latches and Safety Latches keep the product inside the trailer.

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