This warranty claim procedure must be followed to be considered for reimbursement by Travis Body & Trailer Inc.:

1. Warranty claims are documented and submitted via  Upon entering our web site, click on the “Warranty” tab at the top, and select “File a Claim”.  This will bring up an online form.  After providing the required information, hit “enter” and the claim will be sent to Travis.  Upon receipt of this information, a Warranty Reference Number will be assigned and further instructions provided.  Incident photos are generally helpful in resolving claims.  When providing and/or responding to a specific request by the Warranty Manager, all warranty related photos should be sent to

2. Warranty Claim invoicing instructions:

  • Provide an itemized list of all parts used.
  • Provide an itemize list of all labor performed; including details of the work performed and time to accomplish each item submitted for warranty recovery.
  • Please indicate the appropriate taxes.

Note:  The Warranty Claim Number & Serial Number must be included and referenced on all invoices reflecting work authorized under the warranty claim.

3. Properly tag and return all replaced parts within the specified time to the appropriate ship-to address, if instructed to do so by the Travis Warranty Manager.  Again, the Warranty Claim Number & Serial Number must be clearly indicated on the shipping documentation, Bill of Lading, etc. 

Note:  Warranty reimbursement will not occur until all required parts are received.

Following this Travis Warranty Claim Procedure closely will assist in timely processing.