2011 – 2015

  • Travis Completes Expansion –  Overall Plant Capacity Increases by 50%
  • Travis Breaks Ground on Phase 1 of Plant Expansion

          25th Year of Travis Body and Trailer Inc. – 37 Years Combined History

  • Company Receives Pre-Clearance from Transport Canada to Sell in Canada
  • Travis Acquires Assets of Everlite Inc., Makers of Alumatech Trailer                   
    Alumatech®Trailer Production Begins, “Rounding” Out Travis’ End Dump Product Line    

2001 – 2010  

  • Travis Introduces Vertex®. A VERTically EXtruded Dual Wall Trailer
  • Travis Introduces Wave® Sides on Wedge Trailer
  • Travis Acquires 5 Acres Contiguous to Existing 12 Acres for Future Expansion
  • Travis Begins Tote Dumper Production; Self Loading/ Unloading Trailer for Rendering and Organic Waste Composting Industries
  • Company Begins Steel Trailer Phase Out, Finalizing Conversion to Aluminum Only. Travis Patents Aerodynamic Wave® Design; Company’s First Dual Wall, Extruded Design

1991 – 2000  

  • Travis Introduces Aluminum Bottom Dump Trailer
  • Travis Introduces Wedge Trailer Design
  • 35,000 Sq. Ft. Expansion – Primarily to Increase Steel Trailer Production
  • 30,000 Sq. Ft. Expansion – Live Floor/ Tipper Transfer Trailer Production Begins for Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Industry
  • Travis Patents SST Technology – Unique Crossmember/ Lower Rail Design                   Improves Floor Strength, no Increase in Overall Trailer Weight 

          Travis Introduces SST™ Trailer – Company’s First Dual Wall Trailer

  • Travis Begins Producing Rendering Trailers

1977 – 1990 

  • Aerolite Introduced; Travis’s First Smooth-Sided, Single Wall Trailer
  • Travis Body & Trailer, Inc. Formed
  • CMC Trailers Start Production