In a world of trailers, Travis Leads

Since our start in 1989, Travis® Body & Trailer, Inc. has built more than 14,000 trailers. Over this time our reputation for quality has resulted in a rapidly growing population of repeat customers. With manufacturing centralized in one facility and with our well-trained, loyal production staff, our customers know they’re driving out with the best-constructed, best-value trailer available, bar none.


Based in Houston, Texas, Travis® holds true to age old, proven values. We take pride in each trailer we build and believe our word and handshake to be our most valuable assets. From end dumps, to bottom dumps, transfer trailers, and specialty dump trailers, we are the number one source for lightweight trailers made for heavy-duty hauling.


Please contact us today for a quote on your next New or Pre-owned Travis trailer , to order trailer parts online , or you can call us toll free at (855) 679-0809.


Travis® is a proud member of the National Trailers Dealers Association (NTDA).

Houston, Texas

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